Medical Attention

Services with the aeroman professional can settle for private patients in part according to the scale of fees for doctors (GOa). Furth, 26.08.2010 – doctors and sports physicians can now even after the healthy further professional support their patients and care in the training. They benefit from a performance diagnostics with the aeroman professional it twice. The services are billable to non-binding statements of the German Medical Association in Berlin according to the scale of fees for doctors (GOa) and on the other hand exclusively individual performance parameters for the design of the training can be service aeroscan capture. Thus, physicians have the perfect base for an efficient training program. The aeroscan provides precise guidance here relating to healthy and sustainable weight loss, as well as at an age-appropriate exercise and improvement of competition services of an ambitious athlete. She uses for determining performance of aeroman professional Spiroergometry, representing a worldwide recognized standard in the (sports) medicine. Even if the device is primarily designed for the sports market, the accuracy is the well-known products from the field of medicine in nothing. The energy metabolism under an increasing burden is measured breath exactly at the aeroscan. Let reliable statements about the current level of physical performance and meet future athletic training areas. A performance with the aeroman professional can settle after paragraph 606 (spiroergometric study including previous Ruhespirographie and, where appropriate, oximetry), paragraph 617 (gas analysis in the expiration air by means of continuous determination of several gases) as well as section 665 (BMR measurement metabolism apparatus without carbonic acid determination) the GOa. It is advisable however, in any case, to clarify the accountability with the regional accounting offices. Also in the field of rehabilitation of the aeroman provides meaningful, professional a convalescent to get quickly back on the legs. Within a few minutes, individual load ranges are determined at the aeroscan which can optimally control the a construction training. In contrast to conventional methods of determining performance must the patient at the aeroscan from stress, so that even older or obese people to benefit. This reduces the risk that has so far brought a sporty stress of certain patient groups also for the doctor or physiotherapist. Through customized training zones, congestion, which would hinder a recovery, or even worse, can be avoided. For more information to aeroman professional, also on the Internet at.