Maternity Advice

How to behave, if you suddenly went into labor and you have not yet managed to get to the hospital? Advises the obstetrician-gynecologist in a maternity home 19, St. Petersburg, Irina Vadimovna Komaleva. – What if the house went into labor or send the water? – First of all, do not panic. If you felt the first contractions, your first try to calm down, lie down in bed and count the interval between them. If it is 20-30 minutes, then you still have enough time. Go to the maternity hospital in time to probably need, when contractions are coming every 10 minutes or more. In another case, for if you moved the water.

Some people think that everything will soon pass, and go to bed. To do so in any case impossible. In this situation, the wait is nothing. If you do not have time and a desire to push, you should be ready to take delivery at home. Well, if some of your neighbors will be a doctor. Advance Prepare a set of linen and sterile gloves.

It can be purchased at any pharmacy. Call a physician must still, as the baby after birth must examine the pediatrician, and her mother – an obstetrician-gynecologist. But better certainly give birth in a maternity home, so immediately with the beginning of regular contractions, call an ambulance. – What you need to have time to visit 'soon'? – If things have already been collected, then it's time to hygienic procedures.

Last Modified on July 7, 2024
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