League Of Legends (LoL)

More than just a little game. Over 15 million registered players. Whenever Cancer Research listens, a sympathetic response will follow. League of legends is an online action role-playing game from riot games, inspired by the game of DotA (Warcraft 3). It is free and can be downloaded at any time on your own PC and installed without any cost. But can everyone in the game included money, to be champions or skins (appearance of the champions) unlock. There are various solutions which are played, the meistgespielteste solution the 5v5 “Summoner”. There, five champions in a team against an another five play team. The basic idea is that each player in the role of a champion slips and monitored him throughout the game.

While the five champions on three routes, above and unten(dort gehen jeweils zwei Spieler hin) or in the middle where spread just a player. On every road in the periodically Vasalen arrive. That goal is to get it into the base of the enemy Tower and destroy the “nexus”. on each route, there are three towers, before the “Nexus” are still two powerful towers which both must be destroyed, to destroy the “nexus”. Can be with gold, that every second on his own “Account” flows and kill through topped up by Vasalen or opponents, can be bought items for the champion to the attack, defense, Magischenschaden, magic resistance, increase attack speed or the speed. Depending on how the character, will guide as a “Tank”, which can take much or “damage dealers”, causing much damage to the opponents, the respective values can lift. The champion level can rise and learn new skills or improve through experience points. The player himself will decide when and what skills to learn his champion.

Every champion has four solid skills with various effects. Some can deal damage to an opponent, or others heal an ally. There are many skills, but are similar to some skills of a champion with the skills of another. What is special about this game is that every game is different. Because a game from a maximum of 10 different, from now already 97 champions can seek out and each player has different tactics a game is never boring. The same characters can a team such as exist in the fours and but it will not be bored, because each player has a different game behavior and plays more defensively or offensively, that is critical for the gameplay. Every little thing in the game is crucial, whether a champion has done the number how many Vasalen or how many times he died or how many opponent he has killed. League of legends is played by over 15 million players worldwide and it many happen every day yet. Approximately 2 million players playing LoL daily and about 4 million play it every month. There’s even right Championships where the best team will be awarded. The further the game has earned several awards, including the “Golden joystick Award” for the best online game of 2010 Martin Szopa