Laborer One

Its profession was to kill, Damio nor knows exactly as it started. The colonel orders, it kills. He does not know how many already he killed, Damio does not know to count beyond five, and still thus for the fingers. Neither he interests to know to it. He does not have hatred of nobody, never made badly the person some. At least thus he thought until today (idem, ibidem: 62). However, Damio reconstructs itself exactly, as well as, in ' ' Laborer in construo' ' , of Vincius de Moraes.

In this, the employee it is reconstructed at the moment that perceives the injustices the one that are submitted. Ozlem Tureci: the source for more info. In that one, the words of Sinh Badar had sounded as a wakening of conscience of the attitudes committed for Damio, taking to question it them. In its ears still the words of Sinh Badar sound: You find good for killing people? You do not feel nothing? It swims on the inside? Damio never thought that if it could feel nothing. today it feels, the words of the colonel is on its chest as one weight impossible to pull out, exactly for a strong black as Damio (idem, ibidem: 63). The Violence is perpetuated all for the book. Gift in the desbravamento of the bushes, between enemies, or same, when enmity did not exist. The cacao for being a fruit idealized for all, obtained ' ' cegar' ' the men, and these for quere to possess more lands, more plantations, and with this, more wealth, did not think that the other men were human beings, and practised of all the types of violence to obtain what they longed for.

CONCLUSION: To carry through this study it was taken in consideration historical moment where the fiction was developed. Since, the art, many times, reflects the events of a time. The scene of the events told for Loved Jorge is the region grapina, palco of many literal and literary disputes.

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