Internal Affairs Office

With a polite driver road is shorter and nicer! Pedestrians or drivers, we are all road users, and it is no secret to anyone that each of us at least once, but faced with rudeness on the roads. Pedestrians and crossing the roadway at a red traffic signal or at an undisclosed location, thus forcing drivers to apply emergency braking to avoid an accident. Drivers can see pedestrians in the Our city provides a large number of controlled and uncontrolled pedestrian crossings, where they can safely cross the road. It turns out that besides the fact that the driver is obliged to pass pedestrians on the traffic lights, pedestrian crossing, when going on the road with the adjacent territory, as well as at the approach road. He must also be considerate and give way that would avoid hitting a pedestrian. And when braking only hope that the driver, who should be behind a good reaction and brakes.

Of course, pedestrians also have something to complain about. Under heavy traffic drivers, waiting in traffic jams for several hours and bursting on busy roads are reluctant brakes, missing pedestrians. At intersections you can see a similar picture. Unfortunately not all drivers observe traffic rules and regulations in a hurry to pass the intersection on yellow and red light, do not stop before pedestrians which become the way to resolving the traffic signal. Official site: Pap Smear. Daily accidents on the roads take their toll. Among the factors affecting the accident rate, more the role played by aggressive driving style, lack of respect for each other, tolerance for other people's mistakes, displayed constantly. Very difficult to change lanes in a row, make a left turn at the intersection without additional section, as Drivers are moving not only to yellow, but a red light. And if someone makes a mistake: he immediately begin beeping, blinking lights, twirled his finger to his temple.

How to deal with rudeness on the roads? The answer is simple – elementary observance of traffic rules by all participants and simple courtesy on the roads. Be merciful to those who can not go well. Be tolerant, give way, not signalte not pruning. Advance include turn signals, so other drivers can see your maneuver. If a driver has to make rebuilding of the lanes, slow down, give the opportunity to reorganize. If driver wants to go to the secondary road, and a continuous stream of cars does not allow him to carry out this maneuver, slow down, allowing the driver to leave the main road. Do not forget to thank the other drivers, if they lost his advantage on the move or have committed another act polite towards you. Be a gentleman to a woman at the wheel. Polite behavior should become the norm for all road users, Each in his own example to make available, courteous style of driving in the driving environment. In order to improve the culture of the road traffic police Internal Affairs Office in St. Petersburg and Leningrad region from June 27 to 27 July 2009 carries out the action "courteous driver, aimed at improving the culture of behavior on the road vehicle drivers and to prevent accidents occurring on the fault of drivers. Particular attention will be given to young drivers and those who have little driving experience. Ivanov av ogibdd police department in the Primorsky district of St. Petersburg