Humans And Fear

Well, see for yourself, it's your life, and once you master it. What is a fear? Fear, like pain, should perform the important function of self-preservation. There are two neural pathways of fear. The first – the subconscious. It appears natural and at the level of reflexes. Example – an animal escapes from the loud sound unfamiliar.

If you receive a signal from the environment, individual muscles are compressed and require a reflex relaxation – the animal runs aimlessly. But man, as being highly and has a highly developed fear. His Majesty, Homo Sapiens, a trifle as a real risk for the occurrence of fear is no longer required. Do not you heard from friends: "Just thinking about it I shiver running through the skin"? This is the second way of fear – not natural, when there is no fear of real danger. For example, a person is afraid of misunderstanding and ridicule from the public, and therefore disclaims all performances. But in reality the audience to him and is the subject of the report of interest and are no prerequisites for the failure at all. But if there is fear, not reality important. In medicine, describes the case when a man froze to death at 13! How? Why? He accidentally slammed the door from inside the refrigerator and just did not know that freezers that night did not work, and the natural ventilation was included .. Doctors stated at the opening of death by suffocation and ice crystals in the blood.

Last Modified on January 19, 2021
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