And one day returned! decrease the chances of finding him alive as the hours pass said rescuers!-do lifeguards?, Yes!, those seeking a few workers who had disappeared in the jungle do jungle?, Yes! And among those missing was the doctor, they had lost after a civic action as doctor of the Hamilton International, six toilets, a patient and a police officer were, and when everything was already lost at the end of the third day, the Sun had already sunk into the ocean, shivered far away stars and a few dogs barking alerted a few natives who intrigued is interned in the jungle and found him!, If you would like? what was found wandering the shores of the rio Aguaytia dehydrated, afiebrado, screaming hallucinations, covered with blisters and bites, just mumbled phrases, he had the gaze lost in the thicket of del Monte, fleeing from whom? don’t know it!, was Hospitalizado in Pucallpa several days, two of their health they were killed in attack by wild beasts, one was never found he never knew how explain how he came to the shores of that – famous for its piranhas – River!, just remember that one day she returned!. & nbsp; & nbsp; & n bsp; & nbs p; & n bsp; & nbs p; & n bsp; & nbs p; & n bsp; & nbs p; & n bsp; Year s later in 1989, a Sunday at 10 in the evening, driving a vehicle and was hit by the driver’s side, was very badly wounded, one of their hijitas died instantly, he was taken to the emergency of the Hospital Nacional Almanzor Aguinaga of Chiclayo service, was operated when she was 3 gr % of hemoglobin, with hypovolemic Shock! scarce erythrocytes separated him from death, transfundieron you 12 units of blood are twelve? Yes, twelve – almost 6 litres-, is that the man died 17 hours later was re-operado! as he was still bleeding, but what happened?, nothing, still bleeding, still dying!, in front of everyone! his co-workers saved him? Yes!, but then it became complicated, all the complications known at that time appeared all? of course! mira did 3 heart failure, Renal failure, bronchopneumonia and Sepsis, so much so that the forensic pathologist when he visited told this friend I hope in the morgue and he was 3 seconds to be declared formally dead at 3 seconds? Yes! It was his third unemployed and he reacted not, intensivist physician repeated only a miracle, just a miracle! And when was about to declare it dead heart Monitor began to plot their vital pulse!, to the surprise and amazement of doctors and nurses of the intensive care unit, no one gave an explanation, were just floating forecasts and statistics 99.9% of patients with these complications dies – Zubiri said the doctor – never nobody explained because he endured so much, because he reacted beautifully the Funeral Chapel and the crowns that already burned in the mortuary waiting it! They were returned to the funeral home, months later only remembers that one day she returned! & n bsp; & nbs p; & n bsp; & nbs p; & n bsp; & nbs p; & n bsp; & nbs p; In 2007 he moved to the Institute of neoplastic diseases – INEN-, they did a routine endoscopy, all his friends did the same-, but when he was with the results told have Varices! and what?-wonder-unrepentant as already do not remember? – told – have hypertension Portal for advanced liver cirrhosis! was drunk? No!, on the contrary it was and is Abstemio then was there an error? No!was infected by the Hepatitis C Virus but how they infected it? when you Transfundieron 12 units of blood in 1989 to save his life, after the accident! Mio God! And what did you do? he went to Mexico in search of help and While in that country lead him to biopsy, Fibrotest and other tests and discovered that not only was cirrhosis but an entity worse had liver Cancer! my God was the end! And what did you do?, surrendered? NO, no!, his only and last hope was to get a liver transplant! in 3 months do transplant? if a liver transplant! many thought that eral end of a wrestler, after all died as he lived fighting! but were wrong because with the support of the family and many friends, exactly at 8 months of having been sentenced to die victim of a hepatic Cancer transplanted Lo! transplanted it? if TRANSPLANTED!, but how? If it is so difficult, and there are hundreds of patients waiting for he does not explain how this miracle happened only knows that one day again! & nb sp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nb sp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nb sp; Incredible stories in the same person what talks in these homilies to death? I do not know!, but in each of these facts massive prayers prayed by her life and here goes the world, with the happy, walking, even heart, by darkness but someday will find Beatriz and Dante in the heaven’s Gate. .

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