Food Pyramid – The Germans Eat Sick

Wrong nutrition recommendations lead to diseases of civilization always still is the carbohydrates are made to a carbohydrate-rich diet in the food pyramid worth even if still proved is that, responsible for diseases of civilization: obesity, high blood pressure, heart – circulatory, intestinal disease, diabetes – up toward the cancer. It applies to eat grain products (bread, pasta, rice, corn, oat flakes, etc.) are still the old recommendation several times a day. Fruit and vegetables should be consumed five times according to the experts on the day. Wonder at such dietary recommendations that the lifestyle-related diseases continue to in Germany. Currently live about eight million people diagnosed with diabetes. Ten million people currently suffering from migraines.

More than 200 000 people per year have a stroke. The heart attacks per year are at 300 000. According to estimates, about 15% of the German population have an irritable bowel. It is time to change the food pyramid (DGE), so that the Carbohydrates occupy a different role. The effect of carbohydrates into simple execution: Carbohydrates are broken down in the stomach and intestines to sugars (glucose), which in turn cause many known problems in the intestine: abdominal cramps, bloating and diarrhea. Also a negative impact of blood glucose levels is achieved by the CARB intake.

The pancreas is forced to increase the production of insulin to get the sugar out of the blood, this excess glucose is converted to fat. Thus it is clear that carbohydrates can be blamed for the increase of in body fat. The constant challenges to the body by the increased carbohydrate intake can gradually develop the organism. The well-known cancer researcher Dr. Johannes F. Coy. He discovered the gene TKTL1 “, which cancer cells are aggressive and grow. Fermentation processes that need lots of sugar are responsible. Thus, it is proven that cancer cells grow through the constant supply of carbohydrates (sugar).