Fitness Studio

A workout already a workout allows both outside and inside with fun guarantee and fresh air of FreeCross, the only Fitness Studio with blue skies and sunshine of which cross trainer, including fun and action? The FreeCross makes this possible thanks to its extremely intuitive and precise steering, its infinitely variable gear and rugged construction (made in Germany). You can almost carving driving”like equate at skiing, one leans into the curve and the FreeCross draws his circles, even at high speed almost as saying. The Nuvinci continuously variable allows gearshift an adjustable workout, as well as the easy coping with inclines. To allow a safe passage, the FreeCross has over high-quality Shimano roller brakes, which won the GS seal for certified safety. What does the FreeCross do? Like any other Crosstrainer allows the FreeCross a total body workout: arms, shoulders, chest, belly, back, butt and legs.

In addition, the FreeCross, due to its trained Full body control but also the coordination and sense of balance. Training is in the fresh air and completely joints, what is probably the biggest advantage of FreeCross over all other fitness devices. Where can I get FreeCrossen? Due to its high quality and hand made in Germany, the cost of FreeCross with 2999 is relatively high for many individuals. We private FreeCross fans offer also the possibility to acquire the FreeCross as Ambassador. On the other side it is, to attend courses at one of our FreeCross fitness and rental partner or to borrow the FreeCross.