First Floating Centre

Waiting has the wellness scene in Bern. Finally, the Central Switzerland has an own floating Centre. Unrivalled in the facilities with floating machines of the latest generation. Bern, June 29, 2010 – on July 1 opened in Bern the first floating Centre. Under the direction of Walter Bache, the therapeutic Manager and owner and Steve Hildebrandt, the commercial Director of the company, the zero gravity finds its way in the Switzerland. Floating is a subject that is booming in Germany and Austria for years. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out muscular biopsy.

Floating is a medical application of highly saturated salt baths – so-called heavy brines – be used in principle. Much like in the dead sea, only more intense, it is completely weightless. A unique feeling. Due to the special construction of the baths it is possible, even for the uninitiated, very quickly to reach a State of deep relaxation. Unlike in meditation and autogenic training, there is here no exercise, the relaxation will almost automatically.

This makes Floating as a medical application to the event, or even a gift. Without side effects, and with very few restrictions virtually everyone in the enjoyment of the floating can come. True to the motto: “which can also float who can go into the sauna,”. Therefore, floating is the leading event agencies in the German-speaking area for about two years on the courses of one to five. Floating is also used for various diseases and injuries of the musculoskeletal system. Bones, muscles and joints take advantage not only of the weightlessness, but also by the special salt (magnesium sulphate), which is used in the float. Skin diseases such as psoriasis or eczema experience considerable relief because of the high salt content. See for more medical backgrounds. Thanks to the enormous versatility of the floating, the boom in Europe continues for years. Medicine, which regenerates physical and mental performance, and also increases, is increasingly becoming the necessity and can make it even much fun. “What is special about our Floating Center especially, “says Walter Bache, Managing Director of FloatConcept Berne,” that we provide the ability to float, in the tank as well as two swimming pool open in a beautiful.” The joy over the upcoming opening is it clear to see! The Centre will be open from Monday to Sunday from 10 am to 10 pm. Description of the company the company FloatConcept specialises in all areas around the subject of floating. The company operates centers in Erding near Munich and Berne in the Switzerland therapeutic floating. Our team of experts, that is composed of physicians and Spa designers, founders also supported in all phases of planning.