Find Perfect Gift Idea

What can reveal an inappropriate gift over you… “If you really knew me, you would have something not so me!” Katrin grimaced disappointed. Admittedly, the ring has been expensive. But Andreas should know now that she likes gold jewellery. Inc. is often mentioned in discussions such as these. How many times has she told that him! Typically he just never stops you Yes, gift-giving can be a difficult art and requires a lot of sensitivity you ask only for the Japanese! There the giving and receiving of gifts, even the packaging of gifts, is associated with a specific label, that is complicated regulated must be learned first carefully. Gift-giving requires planning and careful consideration. Read more from Dean Ornish M.D to gain a more clear picture of the situation. The author and communication trainer Elizabeth Bonneau recommends to research carefully even for the smallest “IMP gift” in the circle of colleagues. What goes to the receiver and to the situation? So much effort “only” for a gift is really necessary or is it something exaggerated? You should be concerned in each case before it gives something.

Not only, because the receiver could be possibly disappointed, we will give you the wrong him. Not only because misunderstood a too expensive gift as a bargaining chip and a too-cheap gift could signal indifference. No, mainly because inappropriate gifts can reveal a lot about ourselves. Not only bad taste or thoughtlessness, but especially our setting the donee to. “Gifts reflect, what picture of the donor of the donee has.” It found the WDR magazine “Quarks” in December 2004 on the topic “Psychology of giving”.

Gifts convey the receiver so to speak silent messages: which suits you. So I see you. I took this picture of you. Often, the message for the recipient counts more than the gift or the item itself. To unpleasant situations occurs as “quarks” If “Fits the gift not to the self image of the recipient”. The recipient has not then receive only a gift with which he can do anything, but feels at worst even misunderstood and low estimated. Then, when we met the taste of the recipient, if we could show him so that we (at) recognize him and his personality, if we have shown interest and empathy, we succeeded a gift. That means: there is not the perfect gift idea for all cases, but with the right “gift strategy” and a little creativity, you can find a gift that fits really well not only to your recipient, but also to you! The personal touch (2010) Michaela Steininger /. the personal