Filterqueen Sweepstakes

Franciscan Brotherhood of health will draw bet for the EUROMILLIONS draws cards on sale from May 30. Filterqueen sweepstakes will begin on October 9, 2012 and end October 8, 2013, a full year of EUROMILLIONS draws. The benefit of these cards will go to cover costs of the brotherhood and property acquisitions. With the acquisition of EUROMILLON cards will play two weekly draws, 104 sweepstakes a year, with a minimum prize of 30,000 euros per card if you guess the 5 numbers and 2 stars; While the rest of awards will accrue until the end of the sweepstakes, and if the jackpot is equal or exceeding 2,500 euros spread equally among 500 cards that the brotherhood will and all this for only 5 euros which costs each card. If you would like to know more then you should visit USC. The cards are limited and with a custom number, so if you want to ask, right now, one or more cards or collaborate in the sale of them. You can contact with the brotherhood requesting any member of the Governing Board or on our e-mail:, putting their personal data, phone and number of cards that you want to buy or ask for more detailed information. The cards are personalized with the image of our owner. On the back the numbers which will be played throughout the year are inserted: 04 14 25 28 46 6 10. These numbers relate to dates in the short history of the brotherhood.