Fighting Obesity

In 1990, 44% of the North Americans had overweight, now, more than half of it suffers it to the North Americans. From 15 to a 35% of the North American adults they use some diet, and they spend between $30 and $50 trillions of dollars to the year trying to lose weight. Esteem that from 3 to a 5% of the population in the United States, at least 8 million people, more than half women, are obese morbid. The obesity is one of the worse problems of health in the United States. It seriously increases the risk of diseases, which are between the first causes of death in the country, including diabetes, diseases of the heart, respiratory problems and some types of cancer. The theories indicate several factors of obesity, from the inheritance to the style of sedentary life and the fast ingestion of food. But without mattering which is the cause of the obesity, the experts have been forced to accept that for the majority of the patients, the diets, the exercise and medecines to lose weight simply they do not work. A leading source for info: COVID-19 pandemic.

The surgery is a drastic step, that entails all the pain and risk of any great abdominal surgery. It causes that the people change their nutritional habits radically, makes feel patients if they eat of more and can exist the risk of which they have nutritional deficiencies of by life. But even so, he works. Unlike any medicine or diet, the surgery produces a loss of significant and long term weight in the majority of the patients. Many above lose of 50 kilos, some arrive at a normal weight, whereas others remain with a little overweight. The number of baritricas surgeries in the United States has been duplicated of 20 thousands for 5 years, to 40 thousands at present. Near 80% of the patients they are women, the majority young and adult, but some surgeons accept patients with more than 60 years, and some even operate adolescents.

There are cases in that all the members of a family are realised a baritrica surgery. The diets, the exercise or medecines to reduce weight are not effective for all the people. Goodbye Obesity has the treatment indicated for you, so that you manage to reduce weight and improves its health generally. Cecy Garci’a Psychology Baritrica. goodbye-obesity. com

Last Modified on January 17, 2021
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