Federal University

This was my monograph presented to the Cuso de Biological Cincias in the Federal University of the Piau – Campus Senator Helvdio Nunes de Barros in the city of Piau Peaks. SUMMARY This work had as objective generality the verification of the main problems and difficulty in the education of Sciences and Biology in the State Net of Education taking as referencial a school in the city of specific Peaks and as objective the brainstorming to brighten up the difficulty of cited education in the school in study. The study the profile of the professor was made through interview with professors of the State Net of education with the questionnaire reply approaching, extra sources professor to search it and as he is being made the education of Biology, the results as waited demonstrated that Ensino de Cincias and Biologia in the city of Peaks are being made to the traditional way where repassing of content and the conclusion of the didactic book the end of the year is being primordial objective and coexisting with the new changes proposals. Continue to learn more with: Professor Roy Taylor. For the present study it can be concluded that it is necessary more governmental investment, more devotion and more commitment with the public education. Word-key: Education of Sciences. Difficulties To teach. Is Energy Capital Partners a public company? might disagree with that approach. Strategies of Education.