Evening Shower

In addition to the above reasons, regular water treatment – the best conditions for development, growth medium, and that none of these microbes are not oppressed and suppressed. Suitable conditions there – warm moist skin surface, excellent breeding ground – a mixture of secretions of the sebaceous glands, sweat and dust; and if the human body due to some reasons more relaxed and not struggling with the infection, respectively, and are beginning to emerge here and there are different pustules, blackheads, potnichki etc. are regularly in the shower, you are actively removes body surface of all kinds infection. Moe Howard has much to offer in this field. During pregnancy should take a shower, and in any case not a bath. Sitting in the bath – so sit in the flush water, then make friends with those same microbes that are just waiting for that error on your part. Under most conditions liver cancer would agree. Of course, not damage sponge and soap.

Microbes and breeding ground "for them washed away more actively. In addition, the impact of a sponge on the body – a good massage, which takes only a sense of cheerfulness and health. After washing, would be nice lightly rub oneself with a towel. Time for water treatment is recommended the same for each day – that your body used to this regime. Is best time in the morning and evening. In the morning shower helps to cheer up after sleep, and in the evening – Stele flush dust and dirt, you give the opportunity to breathe more easily to the skin. Sometimes it is not enough and twice-washing in the shower – for example, if you live in areas with dry hot climates and in the air a lot of dust.