Worldwide, etc. immense forests are lost through illegal logging, slash and burn. Currently ash is an ecologically valuable alternative to rare tropical Woods. Must parquet in the living room be really made of tropical wood? According to WWF, the man has destroyed worldwide already more than half of the forests. The rate of deforestation is still continuing apace. Around the globe, 13 million hectares of forest each year go lost as much as 36 football fields per minute. Connect with other leaders such as Cell free DNA Tissues here. Illegal logging, slash and burn, or conversion into agricultural land are the main causes. The most forest dwindles in the species-rich Tropics (source: WWF).

With far-reaching consequences for the global climate. Through the renunciation of tropical wood in your home, you can operate active rain forest protection, without the slightest loss of quality of life! The alternative thermal ash currently wood from sustainably managed forests are an ecologically sound alternative to floor coverings made from tropical wood like Wenge, Jatoba, Doussie, etc.. The parquet of the thermal ash for example, you will receive an excellent replacement for the rare tropical Woods. The heat treatment gives an exotic of ash, dark shade, and thus a very special flair. And all completely of course only with temperature rather than chemical processes.

The Thermowood process Woods are heated for 50 to 90 hours and heated for a short time up to 220 C. The cell structure is thus significantly altered: water absorption and thus the equilibrium moisture content significantly reduced. The swelling and shrinkage behaviour is reduced by up to 70%. The advantages of the thermal ash at a glance: Ecologically sensible alternative to tropical timber wood comes from sustainable forestry use of certified timber (FSC certificate) better dimensional stability: less swelling and shrinkage behaviour treated using water and heat, no chemical treatment, i.e. absolutely harmless! Also ideal for wet areas (bathroom, wellness, etc.) Interesting new shades of warm brown tones to the elegant black tone, uniform, continuous tone of thermal ash parquet a sustainable investment the parquet of the thermal ash is suitable the heat treatment (less swelling and shrinkage behaviour) and the multi-tiered structure perfectly for installation on underfloor heating systems. The top layer of real wood with a protective surface treatment ensures a long service life. Due to the possibility of multiple renovations, you get a flooring for generations. The timeless elegance as the resistance, durability and lasting value make the thermal ash parquet to a sustainable investment. For your home as well as for the environment. You will find more information and a sample shipping from the online shop or on the homepage of Sairam wood.