Disability Protection Despite Pre-existing Conditions

Ensuring appropriate risk pre-registration questions find many insurance companies offer now good or very good conditions of insurance. However, a cheaper top protection often only for healthy young people is lockable. There are also ways to get the best possible protection for occupational disability despite pre-existing conditions. Diplom-okonom Karsten of Wallace: “an excellent test result in financial test provides no sufficient evidence which disability rate is the right individual, if there are about pre-existing conditions, such as allergies, back problems or other the interested parties. Insurance companies have nothing to give away, so will be sorted out in the framework of the examination of the application, excluded existing diseases or admitted some high risk premiums.

That’s understandable, since the higher costs would have to be killed otherwise to all insured persons and thus would increase the contributions for all huge. Often be rejected quickly completely. . All of this is on top of that usually a central special risk the insurer file, so that other insurers risk premiums or rejection immediately know and usually respond in kind. Therefore is strongly recommended the support of an independent adviser – how about an insurance broker -, which specializes in disability insurance and at the same time perform a so-called risk preliminary inquiry among several insurers in occupational disability insurance. ” This, the interested party submitted its hedging wishes for occupational disability protection, as well as its health claims on an insurance broker.

This performs a price / performance comparison with many tariffs of different insurance companies and sends the results to his prospects. Then negotiates the insurance broker on behalf of the interested party with the individually suitable insurance companies about the insurance coverage to be agreed. Insurers react very differently depending on the disease. Some insurers exclude any pre-existing conditions or charge high premiums, others are accomodating and could assume an application without or with less restrictions for certain disorders. “This risk preliminary inquiry about an insurance agent is usually free and also has the advantage, that you immediately is stored in a special risk file, as if to immediately sign an application or turn about on the Internet.” Only after the results of the risk preliminary inquiry are fixed, you should decide in consultation with his insurance broker for a tariff and apply for this. This can be a disability insurance despite pre-existing conditions to good conditions.