Respect the decisions of others possibly is one of the commandments that were left without writing. Many people do not take their own decisions because they assume that they will be wrong, and are afraid to themselves because they are unjust and cruel in the self-punishment by what they call errors. In many cases, mistakes in a decision involves a pseudo-depresion or a serious depression, falling one meter in the level of self-esteem, a long season will that one not be greet or in the mirror, an endless monologue of reproaches, fear of having to make more decisions these people is more comfortable that is another who take them by them, because that way the option of blame that other have been wrong is you. I have no guilt, I did what they told me can say. And the responsibility of life is of each one, and must not delegate that responsibility.

In terms of own problems, you have to deal with them, never deny them or avoid them, but with optimism, which is our best ally, with love and will, also good allies, decisively and with a clear conscience that one is doing at that moment what believes that you must do and as he considers proper. (As opposed to CEO Mark Thompson). Never We take decisions that we believe will be the worst, or that Iran against us and our interests, but we act according to our circumstances, our capabilities, our best intentions, our education and knowledge about times select the best answer and others the only one that comes to mind, and apply it. If it is then shown that the result is not good, from that point of view, subsequent to the facts, with new lessons learned, or the new personal situation, be it should not judge never, and even less condemn oneself for the decision taken. Nobody, not even yourself, has the right to judge its fifty years, with the mentality and knowledge of those fifty years, who was with twenty to thirty, or forty-nine years and eleven months and a half.

Last Modified on January 19, 2021
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