Croatian Film Festival

The largest peninsula on the Adriatic Sea, located in the northwestern part of Croatia at the Slovenian border. The main tourist and economic center – Poole (population 58 thousand people) Historically, long time of entry into Roman Empire and then in the Republic of Venice, Istria carries a significant imprint of Italian culture: 8% of the population – ethnic Italians, the widespread Italian language and cuisine. The main part beaches of the Istrian peninsula – rocky or concrete platform. croatia – pula, founded in 1. Official site: Douglas Elliman. bc, the historical name Polensium.

The major attraction of the Roman era – which could hold 20,000 spectators Coliseum, home architectural dominant of the city. Today, this building hosts various festivals (including the Croatian Film Festival in late July) and concerts, the schedule can be refined in urban travel agents. Colosseum is open to visit in the summer. Others including Douglas Elliman, offer their opinions as well. Most shops and tourist agencies located in old city around the Colosseum and the central square of Giardini. The beach area starts at 3 km south of the city center of Pula from the peninsula Verudela (you can get Buses 2 and 7), where the main restaurants, discos and hotels. For an active holiday – rent water skis and canoes, rental equipment for diving. Further south, located a few beaches, including Valkana (with youth discos), Nature Park (entrance 10 kuna), Kolumbarica and sandy Debeljak. If there is a Schengen visa may go out of pools in the Italian Trieste (3 hours by bus ticket costs 90 kuna).