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General information, considerations has been much commented on the absence of the management of values in many of the companies in the country, both public and private, aspect that must be rescued by current management. Stock management is how are ordered or organized the qualities or values that a person or organization has declared that it possesses. Details can be found by clicking University of Chicago or emailing the administrator. Be considered, that company and acts of individuals that are part of them, have impact positively or negatively on other companies, other individuals or other processes. It is important to remember, that the ethical issue is of great significance for every individual and extends to the business field. In every decision that is taken, it must be inminiscuido ethics, be negotiations with suppliers or with the Union, recruitment or dismissal of employees, assignment of responsibilities, or launch a promotion, ethics will always be present. Not should wonder therefore that it points, as the utility of stock management as leadership tool may raise at multiple levels, but basically has a triple purpose: simplify, organize and commit.

Simplify: absorb the organizational complexity for the growing needs of adaptation in exchange for all levels of the company. Organize: prosecute the strategic vision to where will leave the company in the future. Commit: integrate strategic management with policy people, in order to develop the commitment by professional quality performance every day. It is added on the subject, the administration by values, builds on values. True leadership is, basically, a dialogue on values. The future of the company is set to articulating values, metaphors, symbols and concepts that guide the daily activities of creating value by employees. In other words, it must be humanized shape the basic strategic purpose of the company, which is, of course, survive getting the maximum economic benefits. In fact, the management by values comes to be a sort of global framework for continuously designing the company’s culture, to generate collective commitments by new and exciting projects.