Brinquedoteca Experience Story

Authors: RUFINO, Silmara Moreira Alves; SAINTS, Jssika Sousa, RICHETTO, Aline Maciel. Introduction. Story of experience carried through from the learning experience of the sixth semester of the course graduation in nursing, during clinical education in health of the child. In transcorrer of the activities, it lived deeply if the importance of the brinquedoteca to take care of it of the child and its family during the hospitalization process, a time that this is a prepared space to stimulate the child to play. Hospitalization is a potentially traumatic experience for any person, being adult it or child. Decurrent the psychic and physical consequences can compromise the process of the development. In this context, if it brings playing while instrument of taking care of, capable to minimize this condition of the infantile life.

The trick does not have to be eliminated when the children adoecem or are hospitalized, therefore she is playing that the child obtains to more feel insurance in an surrounding stranger and with unknown people. When working with expressive modalities and inventiveness of its daily one, the child tries a process of organization of the Real and its creation, implying in the transformation of important meanings. Objective. To tell the experience of taking care of in a brinquedoteca during the period of training supervised in health of the child. Methodology. One is about a descriptive study, in which if it looks for to tell the experience of pupils of graduation in nursing during clinical education in health of the child, who happened in a municipal hospital, located in the zone east of the city of So Paulo.

Throughout this experience we could interact with the child by means of games, tricks, theater and wheels of reading, observing other forms to take care of. It is distinguished that the space also is used by the companions, that had used to advantage the moment to interact with the children, having alliviated the tension and anxiety. Final Resultados and Consideraes. One perceived that the importance of the brinquedoteca in the hospital is basic not alone for the child and its family, but also for the professionals of the health, in special for the nursing team, therefore when the children participate of the activities in the place, they remain calm and calm, if forgetting it process the illness and better reacting to the treatment, becoming efficient the offered procedures. Through this experience, the brinquedoteca can be given an individual care, of more intent form and human being, centered in the child and family knowing better its necessities and be perceived as an important space for performance of the nursing. Reference: Schmitz SM, Piccoli M, Comes CS. The use of the therapeutical toy in the visit daily pay-operatria of nursing to the child. Electronic magazine of Nursing Internet. 2003 cited in 2009 fev.26; 5 (2): 14-23. Available in: 1 Learning of the Course of Graduation in Nursing of the College Marcelina Saint Unit of Itaquera Education. 2 Nurse. Master in Peditrica Nursing for the School of Nursing of the University of So Paulo (EEUSP). Specialist in Educao and Formaoem Health. Professor of disciplines of Health of the Child and the Adolescent in the College Marcelina Saint Unit of Ensino Itaquera (FASM). Member of the Nucleus of Education, Searches and Extension in Health of the Neonato, the Child and Adolescente (NEPESC).