Brain Attention

Your life is full of multitude of complex tasks, like speaking, to walk, that you realise with great competition without rendering to them almost attention. You include/understand the importance of the displacement of the load of the conscious one to unconscious? By means of coaching inner we impelled conscious-unconscious interaction. A function fundamental of the mind to confront the complexity of details and to transform the extraordinary thing into ordinary, simple. You want to make a small experiment? While you are reading or listening, seated, qutate a shoe and returns to calzrtelo. It has been to you simple? Then in fact it is a very complex task. Beam needed hundreds thousands of neuronal activations while the signals realised a roundtrip between the brain, your hand and the foot.

However it has been to you very simple you have coordinated because it without you are conscious of it. Since beams when speaking, walking, to eat, if you go in bicycle or you drive a car, a scooter and so many tasks that you do not realise solely through your conscious one. But the unconscious one is critical for the learning. Before learning these tasks eras incapable of carrying out them. Only yesterday it contemplated to a girl, of about six months, that the spoon in the nose put, in the chin, before putting it in the mouth. Him it cost. It will learn it gradually.

Before I have mentioned the scooter. I am certainly if I took one could not walk more than two meters without risk of falling to me. Any new task requires much attention and conscious effort. As we learn the load of the inner activity moves of the conscious attention to the unconscious agreement gradually. The concentration in the conscious-unconscious interaction, maintaining the conscious mind in an attention state, so that the unconscious one assimilates with greater rapidity the new attitudes, it forms the base of selfocahing.

Last Modified on May 2, 2014
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