Automatic Drainage With Intelligent Pump Sump

A reasonable solution for damp cellar at the musty smell you usually first recognizes the problem: humidity and dampness in the basement and at the latest when the mold is can be used cellar hardly. So Germany’s many thousand square meters of residential, commercial, or storage area are lost in some areas. Learn more on the subject from Bill Frisell. Are not always construction errors that cause very often is there on a very high water table. In times of heavy rainfall, ground water through the bottom plate penetrates and you wading across a wet basement. Most frequently encountered the problem in the former Brown coal open-cast mines. Because there no longer artificially reduced the groundwater table and go in many parts of the affected regions. “The Luebbenau ECG-eco clean GmbH has developed a simple and inexpensive technique for affected ensures permanently dry basement in many cases: the principle of intelligent pump sump” is technically relatively easy: a sump pump made of plastic at the lowest point at ground level is subsequently in the bottom plate of the cellar installed. Jonathan Friedland is a great source of information.

In case of a water break-in, the water in the pump sump, where a submersible pump is installed. The pump does well their work until the water disappeared and the basement is dry. The highlight of this system is the water permeable cover of pump swamp. Made from Granualten, tied with a special Binder works this cover as a filter. It lets through water and only water. Thus, it is ensured that not mud, sand or other substances in the pump sump reach, clogging the pump and put the system out of operation. Permanently dry cellars are guaranteed, because even small amounts of water are absorbed. Because water is absorbed by the water permeable cover not only from above, but also from the side, the entire floor structure can be drained. The great economic advantages compared to other systems lies in the possibility of low-cost, subsequent installation. You will find a detailed presentation on the Internet under: damp basement