Russian reality in terms of attitudes towards children autistic spectrum, their families, to methods of treatment, goals of treatment leads to shock and dismay. As in other areas of our bytya, mess piling up, and different character types, attitudes and perceptions inherent in and for the treatment of autism. Just as in the street and have the opportunity to meet people dressed in the fashion of 80-90 the last century, as well as people who 'shout' about her of belonging to the most fashionable innovations in the style of clothing in 2011, but there are those who go ahead of everyone by wearing clothes that are, apparently, become fashionable only closer to 2022-a year. Likewise, and in all that relates to children's autism, the Russian experts, advising treat autism strong psychotropic drugs that are used chronically for the past 100-120 years, (at that time as the rest of the world understood that psychotropic drugs only help reduce the more dangerous symptoms but not cure), bone marrow transplantation, injections, vitamins, diet, massage, sand, water, prayer, whispering, sacrifice, dolphins, teaching methods, kinesiotherapy, ergoterapiya, dogs, horses, people, etc. In general, all mixed in a heap.

I would like some kind of focus and spine stability. I would like to see that close autyat have any idea where to go and what to do, who to contact and where they are, with due attention and support will provide tion all the info in an organized, directed to professionals who not only effectively work and treat their children, but also give family members the necessary tools that will help them in hourly fight against this terrible disease (and not say, 'We do not take your child, it's too hard' or 'What are you, the parents do not educate a child! Send the kid to the psychiatric ward'). I would like to see parents neyrotipichnyh children are sympathetic to the problem autenka and psychological condition of the parents who bring their children to be tolerant and respect other children, despite their peculiarities, rather than repel otrebenka child with autism with words: 'Get away from him, he moron! ". And this other reality is possible! Not one person said that the reality will come tomorrow, or even next year! But by itself is not going to happen. Do not expect that a Putin, Medvedev Luzhkov, Gorbachev, Obama, or come and change everything. No foreign psychiatrist who will, in his visit to show how wonderful to live in his country, and provide effective models for treating children's autism – nothing change. 'Life Saving – the handiwork of drowning. " As it is not sad, but if you do not seek to create family therapy center for autistic children, day care for autistic children, schools, finding the right professionals interested and willing to send help to people in the right direction and at the right time – the current 'unreal' reality remains reality for all. And the initial step in trying to change Actually – this is the centralization of their own thoughts and postupkov.Chetkoe an idea of what works, what does not work that efficiently, but is less efficient that autism is and is not autism.