Australian Wines – Everything

Wines of Australia – for many in terms of wine the epitome of the new world! Viticulture has a long history and tradition “Down under” in the new world, since the 18th century it is operated. Many of the original wineries offer still excellent quality wines and therefore can look back on a long experience in the production of wine. The Australian wine growing regions are in the South and South West of Australia, because the other areas of the country for the cultivation of wine are usually too hot and dry. Get more background information with materials from Tom Florio. The fairly tolerant cultivation and production policy of Australia is reflected partly in the Declaration on the label. The used terms you should deal with a little. Red wine is produced in Australia mainly, but also excellent white wine from Australia is available.

The history of wine growing in Australia begins in January 1788, Australian wines and their history in the year in which Sydney was established. At that time, a ship brought about 300 convicts, as well as the later the first Governor of new South Wales, Captain Arthur Phillip, with. In the baggage was also vines that were planted shortly after the landing. The wine not already heavily developed in the first time, was due to the prevailing taste for rum, which was at the time consumed in rough quantities. Therefore the native Scotsman James Busby, who began in the Hunter Valley North of Sydney on his farm with vineyards and created the later Australian success varietal Shiraz from the brought grape of variety Syrah is a real pioneer in Australian wine. in 1845, the now famous Winery of Penfolds was founded by the eponymous doctor, Dr.

Christopher Penfold, in the Barossa Valley. Also John Riddoch made a name for himself by Australian wines. He founded his farm in the region of Coonawarra, which is even today one of the top growing areas.