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A common herpes may appear on your hands if it is that they have had contact with the virus. Since the virus herpes simplex type I to type II herpes simplex can be found forming the characteristic Herpes lesions. The symptoms are the same as for a common herpes, but must be careful if these lesions appear on the hands, since with them many things we do and can contaminate other parts of our body without realizing, besides that we can spread it to others without any intention. Objects that are touched with our hands, can serve as indirect source for the spread of the virus so it must be avoided as much as possible from touching anything with the hand that holds the herpetic wound. Hand washing is important, but avoids rub one against the other to the time to do it or you will have the virus in both hands.

You just have to wait until the wounds heal, usually in a week, and you will be able to resume your life with normalcy. Do not cover the wound if you think that you run the risk of touching you with the hand that the injury herpetic, you can do more painful and longer healing process. If for some reason you had contact with any healthy part of your body, it is advisable to quickly wash area to prevent spread of the virus, it is necessary to do it with SOAP and water, remembering that you can getting other areas like legs, lips, face or other part of our body to have contact with the wound. Although not all contact ensures that the virus to penetrate that area and getting it immediately, since it can take years before you see a lesion in that area, but the virus is already present, so we become susceptible to the attack of herpes at any time. Discover how I could remove outbreaks of genital herpes or any other type of herpes using a very curious method by clicking here.

Last Modified on May 14, 2015
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