The laser acupuncture is a relatively new method, which generally uses a laser beam of low energy instead of traditional Acupuncture needles, for influencing the flow of current from the acupuncture points. Apart from conventional medicine, acupuncture with laser is usually the procedure preferred for the effective treatment of painful disorders like syndrome carpal tunnel, tennis elbow, arthritis of the knee and chronic headache in children. Most of the laser acupuncture practitioners have an in-depth knowledge of traditional Chinese medicine, and a clear understanding of acupuncture points. An acupuncturist laser typically has a laser on an acupuncture point beam, stimulating the Acupuncture needles do. During the procedure of laser acupuncture, a doctor may take beam steadily in an acupuncture point by a period that can range from 10 seconds to a maximum of two minutes. The length of the beam usually depends on of the amount of tissue laser must penetrate, and the power that the acupuncturist must be applied at a point. Camden treatment associates helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. Sometimes, a doctor can also use invisible infrared lasers.

Acupuncture with laser is mainly used for two purposes: produce an anesthetic effect and the stimulation of acupuncture in a therapeutic program points. The procedure has some advantages over the traditional needle method. Many patients who tend to have fear of needles, as children, prefer laser acupuncture. The use of a laser makes a general method not invasive, and aseptic procedure, which significantly reduces the time associated with invasive treatments pain and recovery. In general, the laser acupuncture can treat the same type of problems as acupuncture with needles. While alternative therapies with laser reduce patient trauma and are usually a good choice for treatment, there are also testimonies with acupuncture where claim that the risk of cross-infection It is high, the effectiveness of this treatment is often limited to peripheral points. The acupressure points in the hands of a patient, feet and ears often respond to laser acupuncture. deeper points such as the abdominal muscles usually do not benefit from the treatment, since most of the used lasers cannot penetrate beyond 0.19 inches (5 mm).

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