The used methodology was a field research, that is, a questionnaire to a group of the Course of Licenciatura in Pedagogia of a University was applied where I worked. It was gotten resulted satisfactory in the research, 90% of the interviewed ones possess computers with access the Internet in house; 70% say that to study in the distance it is practical; 100% of the interviewed ones say that it chose modality EAD for the low cost duration time; in relation the integration of the tutors online in the integration rooms the replies had been varied, but all converge to a good integration and a good functioning of this tool. Concluding the pupils whom they choose to study in this modality they are really cliente of that they need to have minimum slight knowledge of computer science and Internet, know the necessities of this modality, the majority looks for the low cost and the time that is less than the actual ones, and the integration with the professors of the University through the used tool is satisfactory. Word-key: Pupils EAD; Accessibility; Education in the distance.. To know more about this subject visit Dr Kirsten Müller-Vahl.

Last Modified on May 8, 2024
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