Barbara Weitzel

of. Development of innovative online tools a particular milestone was the development and improvement of the online offer by REDNET. In addition to new features of the ordering portal for contracting NETSHOP and an own company blog, the systems integrator in the context of the successful CeBIT presence 2009 presented his updates Kundenwiki. This allows […]

Floco Tausin

Therefore, all living creatures emit a coherent (i.e. swinging in mutual order) light in the visible and the invisible band. Without hesitation Parkinsons explained all about the problem. “Popp called bio photons” this radiation to their quantum nature to emphasize and by the General bioluminescence “to differentiate. The natural metabolism of oxygen, the cell is […]

Heinz Horrmann

The hotel critic visited the owner of a small hotel per episode unannounced, on-site to get a clear picture of its condition. How do I receive the guest? How is the ambiance and how are the beds? Is the guest well cared for? The hotel Inspector analyzes exactly how to work in the hotel, take […]


Psychologists help the patients to understand the functioning of its body, to understand the manifestations of its illness, to follow its treatment … ‘ ‘ (FIELDS, 1995, 101p.) The elimination of the elements that activate the nervous ways, the adoption of attitudes of confrontation of pain, the elimination of co-morbidades, thoughts or favorable beliefs, among […]


Perhaps my grandfather's health does not allow him to lead an active life, and his many have to spend time at home. First, think about a soft blanket, say, a camel's hair: it will come with comfort and warmth. n says on the issue. More information is housed here: Coronavirus. Second, a good idea to […]

Fighting Obesity

In 1990, 44% of the North Americans had overweight, now, more than half of it suffers it to the North Americans. From 15 to a 35% of the North American adults they use some diet, and they spend between $30 and $50 trillions of dollars to the year trying to lose weight. Esteem that from […]

Daily Life

A healthful person is, above all, a person who is in state of balance in its life, feeling itself young healthy (IKEDA, 2002) Life human being, death, suffering, human being and human rights among others, with the specific matizaes that are given by the patrimony of values and beliefs to it of each religion (Pessini, […]