National Congress

Relative to each other, there has been much rapprochement family to me, or they requested my presence in their homes, sometimes I feel overwhelmed because for me it is vital the solitude and silence, the senses have worsened, people in general are more friendly with me. There is a reflection that I have since the […]

Martin Heidegger

But the act to know functions for ' ' integration significativa' '. It in them considers a species of synthesis with the object, forming a new object, ' ' object total' '. For being part also of this total object, synthesis between observer and object, we can have a true vision of the reality, integrally. […]


Respect the decisions of others possibly is one of the commandments that were left without writing. Many people do not take their own decisions because they assume that they will be wrong, and are afraid to themselves because they are unjust and cruel in the self-punishment by what they call errors. In many cases, mistakes […]