The Collective

These new formularizations of the collective memories that are elements of the new society contemporary leads to an immediate history where the media appears as new conductor of this new order. In this context as Silverstone (2005) the media is onipresente and is essential element of the life contemporary, where the human being not dimensiona […]

6 Ayurveda Congress In The Seminarhaus Yoga Vidya In Horn-bad Meinberg

New Yoga Vidya from 5 to 7 March 2010 in Horn-bad Meinberg in the Teutoburg Forest of 6 Ayurveda Congress, the Yoga Vidya health consultant, organised by the Professional Association instructor and therapist (BYV), will take place. Applications that are possible now. The professional association which welcomes Yoga Vidya health consultants, trainers and therapists (BYV) […]